Newborn Ryland

March 06, 2012  •  1 Comment

Vermont Newborn PhotographyRylandSleeping Baby Boy captured by B. Farnum Photography


I find photographing Newborns much easier when the child is in their own home, one reason being that the parents are more comfortable. Instead of packing many items, leaving and battling the elements that Vermont or New England can sometimes offers up. Newborn sessions almost always take longer than any other type of portrait session, I plan on this. Between feedings, diaper changes and making sure that Mom & Dad are doing okay as well. I've learned that by using the parents as the means of propping up the Newborn this achieves far better results than placing them on blankets or pillows. The calming effects of the parents heartbeat and the warmth their bodies provide always seems to be way more soothing than a soft plush blanket. 


1.Melissa Avey - Cambridge Photographer(non-registered)
Precious photos :) Lovely work.
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