Winter Photography Vermont Style

November 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Frozen GrassFrozen Grasswalking down the path from my office, I noticed this section of frozen ornamental grass against the red background.



Weston, VermontWeston, Vermontphoto was taken during a snow storm in Westin Vermont in their town green. Its right in front of one my favorite places in Westin Vermont the Westin Playhouse. Frozen Morning, Shrewsbury VermontFrozen MorningWaking up on this very cold morning in Shrewsbury, Vermont. Traveling around Vermont in the Winter, you will see so many beautiful scenes. I go out early, or while its snowing. So that you don't have to deal with the dirty looking snow on the sides of the roads.

Remember to dress warm, I love these gloves with the finger tips are cut out of them.

Because its not easy or next to impossible to change your camera settings with gloves on. Forget about trying to change any settings with mittens on.

I also recommend bringing extra pairs of wool socks, because they will stay warm until you are done at a specific location. Warm feet, are happy feet.

I always try to go to local general stores to support the community I am photographing. You never know who will give you a great location to go shoot, when your chatting over coffee or lunch.




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