Photos to oils

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Photos taken with either a Canon 5D or Canon 5D Mark III over the last 3 years, converted the photos in Photoshop CS6 and used the Topaz Adjust Filter, then used Photoshop Oil Painting Filter to make the image look and feel the way I wanted it to. I have seen some examples on various websites, I thought it would be interesting to create something new out of something old. Sorry to the purists out there, that think this is photographic blasphemy. But I do it for me, not you. 

Brian Farnum

B. Farnum Photography


West Hill Road, Wallingford VermontWest Hill Road


Sugar House Wallingford VermontSugar House Apples VermontApples Shrewsbury Vermont Fall RaodFall Road New Hampshire LakeLake Winnepesaukee Sunbeams Dirt RoadSunshine Road


All of these are available for purchase at Photos To Oils at B. Farnum Photography


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