Marah & Sarah Woodstock High School: Junior Transition Guest Blog Post

March 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been into photography for years now, but I've never tried to pursue it in any way. Meeting with Brian and seeing what he does for his job and for his clients really makes it seem like something I could do myself. It's inspired me to continue pursuing it as a possible career in the future. - Sarah H

It was really interesting being able to see what  a photographer actually does for work besides taking pictures.  Listening to Brian talk about his job inspires me to pursue a job that makes me want to talk about it the way Brian did today with us. Today was a great learning experience and I'm glad I chose Brian to shadow. 

-Marah A


Frozen GrassFrozen Grasswalking down the path from my office, I noticed this section of frozen ornamental grass against the red background.