Taylor Grand Blanc Michigan

September 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

High School Senior Portrait Photography: B. Farnum Photography 


      Spending time photographing Taylor was a wonderful experience.  We have similar taste in music, I was able to create a playlist adding songs that she loved. Playing the music via a bluetooth speaker is the easiest way, since you can't really hear an iPhone in a field.  I firmly believe that music makes a photo shoot flow so much better, it lightens the mood and provides natural movement and real expressions.  High School Senior Portraits

While spending time in the Midwest, I discovered that High Schools are much larger than back in Vermont. What I enjoyed mostly is being able to shoot later in the evening, since the horizon isn't being blocked by the Green Mountains. 

_MG_6017_MG_6017 I love the contrast and colors provided in street art or graffiti, I always try to incorporate into my sessions whenever the opportunity presents itself, sometimes you just have to look. I've always said give me 15 feet in a alley, I can make it look great. 


Using a soft box and a Canon Speedlight accompanied with PocketWizard's PlusX radio transmitter I was able to capture this photograph. I have to say that the PlusX transmitter is way more reliable and easier to use. It simply works whenever you need it to. 

  Portrait Photography    _MG_5814_MG_5814

Taylor is going to be a Senior at Grand Blanc High School, in Grand Blanc Michigan.