Portrait Photographer Bristol Vermont

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Portrait photographer Bristol Vermont

Vermont Family Portrait Photographer I moved to Bristol, Vermont last April. I have been running a successful professional photography and photo booth business in Southern Vermont since 2005. I love being creative on location to capture the moments that express your family, your style, or your vision.

I'm always in search of beautiful backgrounds, stunning views, or settings with an intimate and authentic photographic experience. I love someone who has a vision that they would like me to help bring to life in my photographs. My brain is a problem-solving brain so if you happen to think it's not possible let's talk it through and see what kind of magic we can make together. Collaboration creates better art for everyone. My passion for photography stems from the ability to create something new, framing a photograph is like a fresh blank canvas for me.

One of the most exciting projects I had the pleasure to photograph was the dance studio who came to my house where I photographed them in my backyard full costume and the fun that color smoke bombs brought to the photoshoot was great.

Yes, there was a moment where I thought the neighbors might have wanted to peek and see what was going on as it's all about the small-town life. The beauty that colors and dance moves that were captured mid-air or from a dance position was got me back to my camera during the lockdown. Since most all other portrait sessions had been canceled and I could set up outside and be more than 6' feet away at all times it really was the highlight of the summer.




High school senior portraits

Senior Portraits VermontSenior Portraits Vermont I would have to say these are some of the most artistic and compelling photographs I get to take behind the camera. It's now more important than ever for seniors to look and feel their best. Unfortunately, social media has made life as a teenager that much more stressful, pressure-filled, and a new type of popularity contest that consists of likes, follows, and comments. Who knew life would transform into a digital reality that means more to a person than their actual reality. That being said, we know how important it is for you to look and feel your best. I've worked with teenagers for a number of years in a high school environment, so I know firsthand how cruel others can be when they feel threatened or challenged.


Based In Bristol Vermont

Being that I'm relatively new to Bristol, Vermont I would like to introduce myself. I've been a professional portrait and wedding photographer since 2005. I currently and still will travel all over the state of Vermont to photograph portraits and weddings. Being that I'm now closer to Burlington, Vermont I'm hoping to start branching out to the greater Burlington area as well as the rest of the Champlain Valley. As I'm new to this area I've lived in Vermont my entire life, I try and support local businesses as much as possible. Some of the businesses I love already in Bristol Vermont HoneyLights, Snaps (for breakfast), Jones the Boy Bake Shop, The Bobcat Cafe. Working from home has made it a little tough to be out and about when people are mingling at lunch or simply walking down the sidewalk.

Your Family Photography Session!

Is it time to update your family photos? Are your little ones growing fast right before your eyes? Has your family grown since you were last photographed? I absolutely love photographing families and would love to photograph yours.

My approach to family sessions is to have them be fun, lighthearted, and playful. Being that I have a very large family and extended family I'm used to using my patience while making sure I stay true to your family's unique personalities. As a former educator, I have a ton of experience with kids of all ages. Working with teens for numerous years and being the best Guncle (Gay Uncle) to many I know how to work with everyone. I love to have my partner make animal noises so that smiles and to have genuine facial expressions. The faces that you usually see when you're children are laughing and playing like no one is watching.


When To Book Your Family Session?

In the summer months, I would say most days after 4 pm work locally, I'm working on a calendar application so that I'll have timeslots preset so that you can choose the best time that works for your family. Saturdays are usually are reserved for wedding photography throughout the summer and fall.


Where Does The Session Take Place?

As a Vermont family photographer, we've got endless options for a location that will suit your family's needs. I'll capture all of the beauty that fills the background why focusing on your family, my job is to make the light create emotion and present my clients with something they can't wait to share with their friends and family.

Fall Family Portrait Vermont Family Portrait Photographer Quechee Vermont Family Portrait Session Quechee Vermont What If Your Kids Don’t Cooperate?

You've got to trust that I have the patience to make sure that we get photos. As we know when the adults are stressed or getting frustrated this only increases the chance that children will also be stressed out. We can take breaks, talk to make sure everyone is calm and ready for a candid photo. Play, it's okay to have fun. I mean no one is going to say that if a little one is running around laughing is not going to be the most adorable thing they've seen. I've photoshopped two of the children in this photograph to the right, can you tell which ones? 

Natural Emotions Captured

When I'm taking photographs of someone I read the energy that is going to help me create a story as I work with them to help me better understand who and what they want to portray with the portraits that we will be creating together. Capturing the candid moments that can really speak to a family as they get to show off to the world how fun, silly, and love-filled their household is with the photographs they hang on their walls that I had the pleasure of being the one they choose to take these portraits.

Why Do I Love Portraits?

Portrait photography to me is not only about taking photos for but it also helps me get a sense of who I'm photographing. You need to get to know someone so that they can relax within the session, if you're not totally comfortable making conversation with a complete stranger, I wouldn't recommend you become a portrait photographer.

I believe my friendly personality and photographic style, going above and beyond with our customer service really makes the family portrait experience one that you'll be happy to share with your friends and other family members.

Where do you travel?

I travel all over Vermont being that I grew up in Southern Vermont I totally comfortable recommending and have secured locations where I can just show up to capture your family's portraits. I know many people
around the state who have amazing properties and are always too happy to let me take photos on their property. Family Portraits VermontFamily Portraits Vermont

That being said if you have an idea for a location, please don't hesitate to let me know. I love on-location photography, I will do my research, and if time permits I'll go and scout the location to make sure I know where the sun will fall at the time of our photo session. I love to be prepared and provide the best vantage points from each location. If you're planning a larger family photo where there are 20+ people, I have climbed up a tree, ladder, or staircase to make sure that everyone you've invited will be represented in the photograph.






Bristol Vermont Headshot Photographer






If you looking to update your headshot and it's been years, it's time. Let me look your best! I love creating beautiful catchlights in the eyes to bring your portrait to life. One thing you can do is find a headshot you love, now zoom in on the eyes you can see where the light is coming from by looking at the subject's eyes. You can also tell what type of modifier was used such as a softbox, reflector, etc. Check it out!





























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