Vermont Wedding Photographer Questions Answered

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Vermont Wedding Photography Questions!

Bride and Groom After CeremonyVermont Wedding PhotographerWedding at the Quechee Inn at Marshland Farms

Answered by: B. Farnum Photography: Vermont Wedding Photographer

If you weren't shooting weddings what would you want to photograph?

I’d be photographing people in a different way. Whether it was family portraits, senior portraits, headshots, boudoir, conceptual, environmental, or street I love it all. Photographing people is what I've loved since I was back in my high school shooting black and white 35mm film for our yearbook. Cropping the photographs by hand and then scanning the pages on to floppy disk and then burning on to a CD/DVD to send out. Those were not the days, I'm so glad technology has got us to where we are today. I do sometimes miss the darkroom, but not the smell of the fixer and stop bath. (If you know, you know)

The reason is that you can capture their emotions, beauty and feel what a person is experiencing within their portrait. I can get lost within myself trying to bring the best out of those I have the privilege to photograph. I'm looking for constant inspiration that will help tell a story of the life of those who I've taken a portrait of. I find that society has put certain limits on how anyone perceives themselves in today’s world. Whether you’ve been made or feel the pressure of what’s “normal” and fighting with yourself to fit within the perimeters of what someone else’s take on beauty. It's interesting when you see what is deemed to be the perfect wedding on various wedding websites when you scan through their wedding portfolio or gallery of the best weddings, destination weddings or a featured wedding venue. Here's the problem most of them are only catering to a straight white heteronormative wedding. There doesn't leave much room for people of color, LGBTQ+ weddings or interracial couples. I think a lot has changed recently, but we need to come together as an industry of wedding professionals to help spread the word of love is love. Vermont Wedding Photography Vermont Wedding Photography

What do you shoot your photographs with?

I shoot black and white film with Nikon 35mm, Canon 5D Mark III full-frame, Olympus OMD M1 Mark II & Mark III.

What lens do you consider your workhorse? 

70-200mm is hands down the lens I use the most so that I can be photographing from a distance, and making sure I get close up reactions with all the good emotions.

Do you prefer natural light to have to use strobes? 

I prefer whatever is needed when the light isn’t ideal I’ll use a strobe as a fill light to remove shadows under the eyes or to add depth within the composition. I would say using a diffusion panel to stop down the light and have a beautifully soft light at golden hour would be my absolute favorite light. When a photographer claims to be a natural light photographer they generally are more comfortable photographing outdoors when they have great weather and yes the photos look light and airy if that’s the look you’re looking for.

However, being that we live in Vermont. The sun isn’t always on our side since being that on average we only have 58 days of full sun a year according to the Farmers Alamac this is why I like to have off-camera flashes at a moment's notice to use for fill light or to make the backgrounds more interesting. I’ve been using Magnet Mods for my external flashes, set up on light stands to capture the wedding photographs everyone will love. So I wouldn’t say I really prefer either of them, I use what needs to be used to make sure the light is captured in a way that best suits the situation that presents itself on your wedding day. It does take a little bit of planning to make sure any photoshoot that's going to take place on location in Vermont or New England to double-check the weather forecast as it can sometimes change after we've set up a date in advance.

What is something unique you bring with you when you photograph a wedding?

Blue tacky stuff for photographing rings, I've found just a small about of this makes engagement rings stand up or lean just the way I want them to. In my handy bag of wedding goodies for the surprises that simply are not planned for. I have shout wipes, band-aids, hair spray, bobby pins, safety pins, needle and thread, Advil, Tylenol, mints, wet wipes, alcohol wipes, candy, spray antiperspirant, essential oils, bug spray, eye drops, glasses cloth.  Vermont Wedding PhotographerVermont Wedding Photographer

What's the funniest moment you have had when working at a wedding?

Well, I was on the dance floor taking photos I made have been dropping it low a little too quick to capture some action when I heard a ripping sound… well I split my pants right up the seat of my pants. Good thing I always pack a cashmere sweater for fall weddings in Vermont as it can get chilly at night. I was able to tie the sweater around my waist so I wasn't showing off my colorful boxer briefs. Thankfully this was right before I was scheduled to leave. Phew!

Do you have an assistant that works with you on wedding days? If so, do they shoot photographs?

Depending on the wedding photography package you and your partner choose they’ll be a second wedding photographer there. The assistant (second photographer) will be helping with the getting-ready portraits and photographs as well as being a second set of eyes during the wedding ceremony portion of your big day. Capturing all the emotions, tears, and funny moments that happen naturally and spontaneously.

Most often if you choose the photo booth rental as part of any of the packages they’ll be two photographers and when we switch over to the wedding reception portion of the evening they’ll be running the photo booth to make sure your wedding guests have a flawless experience in the photo booth. Whether it’s helping them print and send the photos via text message, or picking out the perfect prop to accessorize with their friends and family. 

What social media platforms do you use? Which one is your favorite? Which one benefits your business the most?

I love Instagram it’s easier for me to share out a couple of sneak-peeks tagging them easily and for friends and family to get information when the gallery will be uploaded for them to see. I've changed my focus to be about the content on my photography website and not on a social media platform.

It seems that Facebook trying to rebrand itself will cause further restrictions for small business owners like myself to effectively market their photography business. All of the social media platforms have an advertising option that will get your posts or content in front of more viewers, the rub is that the organic reach is dismal, to say the least. It's now a pay-to-play kind of option which is focused on catering to the largest businesses.

Absolutely Amazing Wedding PhotographerAbsolutely Amazing Wedding Photographer
Do you manage your own website?

With the ability to update my website from anywhere at any time, I am able provide a high level of service that is more reliable and trustworthy than ever before.

I will always manage my own wedding photography site as it has been held hostage by web designers in the past who would charge me for each image uploaded onto their platform; this became ridiculous when I started needing numerous galleries for portraits or weddings!

Now with Mobile responsive design & seamless Galleries – no matter what device someone visits on-site–you can be sure there's an optimized viewing experience waiting just around every corner so all types audiences get exactly how they want see things without sacrificing quality

If the Internet wasn't an option, how would you market your photography to potential clients? 

I would say word-of-mouth marketing is far more useful than any other form of media used in marketing as a Vermont wedding photographer. As you please your clients year after year and they love the work that you do they’ll naturally refer you to their friends and family as the wedding photographer they should choose for their big day. 

It’s not only about your couples referring you it’s also very important to make a quality and lasting relationship with wedding venues as they’ll be an invaluable tool to booking more weddings at your favorite Vermont wedding venues. As one of Killington’s recommended photographers, this has really helped establish me in the surrounding areas in Vermont. The staff at the Killington Grand Hotel are not only the most professional, they make sure your day goes as planned. They treat everyone with the utmost respect and I love photographing weddings in Killington as they always treat their wedding vendors with love and respect.

Do you deliver every photo you take?

Photographers seem to be taking more and more photographs I tend to focus on getting the shot for my couples I try and remember that Vermont wedding photographers used to have to think about how many rolls of film they would need and that each roll had 36 exposures (wedding photographs).

When should the couple have their engagement photos taken?

Vermont has four seasons for engagement photography, I would pick your favorite season as a couple and incorporate your favorite activities, you both love. This is a fun way to keep your photographs looking fresh and more authentic to your relationship. Same-Sex Wedding Photographer VermontSame-Sex Wedding Photographer Vermont


Do you offer a photo booth?

We do offer an open-air photo booth option for all wedding photography packages, when available.
The photo booth tends to book itself, after you've used it you'll want it for every one of your upcoming events or parties.


Do you carry backup equipment?

I always have back cameras, lenses, and flashes in my camera bags. You never know, and I won't be left without a way to your photograph wedding. I actually have two backup camera bodies and they're charged and ready to go with SD cards ready to capture the wedding in its natural beauty.

What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

When and if there is an emergency I know and work with many Vermont wedding photographers who would gladly step in and make sure that your wedding day didn't skip a beat and I would still edit the photographs so the look and feel that we create for our wedding couples would still be present in your pictures. I would make sure that all of your expectations were met and that the photographs turn out beautiful. I also have a team who I trust to carry out and make sure all of the details that we pride ourselves on.

How will you and your assistants be dressed?

General in black pants, black shoes, and a collared button shirt. If more formal attire is required we will need advance notice to make sure everything is pressed and dry cleaned.

Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?

If you're looking to provide a shot list of all the shots that you think a wedding photographer should take during the ceremony and reception that isn't needed. What helps the most is making sure that all groupings of people you would like for a formal portrait are listed so that we can make sure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.


Yes, in 2020. I photographed only three weddings all of the ceremonies took place outdoors, once things moved indoors we stayed masked as I want to make sure I myself is safe as well as my wedding photography staff. We can still practice social distancing if this is a concern for you or your family while still photographing the intimate portraits everyone has come to expect from B. Farnum Photography. I always have hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and I have always been a hand-washer even before the CDC decided to make sure everyone know it was the best way to prevent the spread of sickness. Fun & Creative Wedding PhotographsFun & Creative Wedding Photographs

What do you enjoy about photographing weddings specifically?

I've been tasked with a very important task that my couple has entrusted me with being the best wedding photographer I can possibly be for them. It's not only an honor to be chosen to take these elopement, wedding, or even destination wedding photos. They all have the same value in our book it's an art to be able to use a couple's ideas and visions for a beautiful wedding representing their joy, fun, and being creative. It's all the things I love on one special day.

Do you offer meetings, and can we call you if we have questions?

I will meet my couples or clients before via Zoom or in-person to make sure that all of their questions surrounding my photographic services. The time before that goes into the photo shoot really does help provide our customers with the best possible outcome for their photographs.


How will you help us to relax and look our best on the wedding day?

Only the best wedding photographers not only have the photographic skills you're looking for we have the people skills to boot. Being that for many years I worked in a busy restaurant in a ski town it comes second nature to me to be able to think quickly while sitting others at ease. If I become stressed so will everyone else. Taking a breath and calming everyone down is just part of the life of a wedding photographer. As there are many wedding photographers in Vermont you choose me to help guide you and make sure that the photographs move as quickly as possible. Vermont Wedding PhotographersVermont Wedding Photographers


Do you provide a ‘sneak peek’ of a few images for social media?

As long as you provide us with your social media handles for your Instagram and Facebook we will gladly share the sneak peeks out on social media. These are only a few wedding photographs, please do not expect the entire wedding photography gallery to be us two-three days after your wedding. We will choose the photos that we think best fit our wedding photography and capture the way we photographed your Vermont Wedding. Choosing our favorites is always the hardest part of posting any sneak peek images.

What's your favorite photography quote?

“To photograph is to hold one's breath when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” 

― Henri Cartier-Bresson

Do you have any reviews we can read?

The Knot, WeddingWire

I’ve been in the wedding photography business since 2005 around Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Massacheuttes, and Maine. I want every couple to have the best wedding photographers they’ve ever seen while working from getting ready photos, wedding ceremonies to the wedding reception. My couples are an absolute dream to work with, they always speak highly of our wedding photographers. Here are some of the praises our couples have been saying about us as a Vermont wedding photographer.

Vermont Wedding Photographer Vermont Wedding Photographer
Why Wedding Photography?

The love story between a couple is something that can be captured in photographs. I am so fortunate to have been chosen as photographer their wedding and capture these moments for them forevermore, as they'll show off these pictures later on down the road when discussing how much time has passed since then or what life was like at this point during our relationship development process together 
I feel honored being given such an important job--to witness first-hand commitment after decades of wanting it but not yet having achieved total compatibility with one another -until now!









Do you happen to know any Vermont wedding videographers, do you like working with them?

Search no more for Wedding Videographer Vermont. I love working with and speak highly of Amanda from Eightzero2 Production she approaches your day in a friendly laid back fashion. They work super well with all the wedding vendors as they want to make the couple feel as comfortable and stress free on their wedding day while capturing all the magical moments.

Their style is photojournalistic, they like to take the couple through their day well after the glitz and glamour are over. We believe video can transcend generations and be a keepsake to pass down. As Vermont Wedding Videographers go I have to say working with Amanda is a fantastic experience, since we've worked together in the past it really makes the day flow easily.

We even help each other out when needed, having a shared vision in providing all the details that our couples are interested in as having wedding vendors who love what they do and do not see it as a job but their passion really shows up in the products we both produce. 

Here's an example of our latest Vermont Wedding we both worked on:


Vermont Wedding Photographer B. Farnum Photography Vermont Wedding Photographer B. Farnum Photography Vermont Sunset Wedding Portrait


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