Vermont Senior Portraits

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Vermont senior portraits

Vermont Senior Portraits Vermont Senior Portraits
So summer is now ending, back to school is in full swing throughout Vermont. Have you thought about booking your photographer for your senior pictures? Many of you haven't and this is totally fine but you cannot wait much longer as we are heading into the busy season most everyone that we photograph for Vermont senior portraits wants them around the same window of time early fall. As we try and do a great job accommodating all the requests at some point we will have to turn senior portrait sessions down.

Spring and Summer are also just as beautiful as Autumn in Vermont, if you know that you would like to do a senior portrait session in the fall I would recommend you schedule it earlier than later as there are so many weekends for outdoor sessions. As we all know mother nature doesn't care if we would love a pop of sunshine to make all of the splendor come to life in your images. We will also talk about rain dates if it's in the upcoming forecast.





Don't be nervous about your senior portraits

There's no reason to be anxious about having your senior portraits photos taken. Yes, we realize that you Senior Portraits Senior Portraits
don't want to be posed. If it's one thing I know, it's how one's portraits can change one's opinion of themselves.
For many of you, this is the last formal photo you'll have before you'll have an engagement
session or wedding photos on your wedding day. We want to make sure that your portraits show who you are, so relax.

A photo session is nothing more than a conversation that happens and unfolds through various outfits changes, some laughs, and of course stunning photographs you and your family will love. I'll bring music along; just tell me what you want to hear, and I'll make a playlist. I find this helps the photo session flow.

We want you to have the best senior year you can have, just so you know we can photograph you at a safe distance we practice social distancing and we do wear masks when photographing high school seniors. If you're not feeling well, we do ask that you reschedule because we do take the safety of our staff and loved ones very seriously.

Vermont Senior PortraitVermont Senior Portrait

Arrival at your senior portrait session: 

Arriving early or on time is of the utmost importance after all we're running a business and we do realize that life happens. Showing up late to your senior portrait session simply means that you will have less time spent in front of the lens. I find that it takes about 10 minutes or so for nerves to be calmed and then we can start capturing true expressions. If you do happen to be running late, it'd be nice to shoot me a text to let me know.


High School Seniors: Clothing (Please Read)

We give you unlimited wardrobe changes, so bringing a lot of clothing options is key. Lots of clothing options we can mix and match will give us more flexibility to choose the best outfit to play off the outdoor surroundings. Hang up all of your clothing on hangers to eliminate unneeded wrinkles, this will help on-location senior portraits a more polished and refined look to submit for the yearbook. 

If you are someone who loves to through things in a bag and hope for the best. GASP!... Wet the clothes and toss a dryer sheet or two input in for 15 minutes and you should be all set. (Don't put things in the dryer that shouldn't ever go in there. I don't want any ruined Cashmere.)

Colors are great to incorporate into your Vermont senior portraits, as most of my high school seniors want to have their photos taken in the early fall be mindful that you want to make sure to wear complementary colors so you don't blend into the background. If there seems to be a lot of oranges, make sure to have some blue options. If there seems to be a lot of reds, make sure to have some darker green options. These details can really make all of the difference, you really want to wow your friends and of course your parents. (Bonus points for those who have an option that makes their eyes pop!)


Try to the best of your ability to avoid stripes, plaids, and shirts with various words on them being the most important as you move you might be blocking the message and this doesn't really make for the best professional photos. This all distracts from you the subject.

If you're not comfortable in the clothing you choose, it will show your senior portraits. Make sure everything fits properly. Yes, this does mean that you might have to go into a fitting room at the clothing store. There's a reason fitting rooms exist, to make sure your clothes actually fit. There's a novel idea. Just ask any of my nieces or nephews, they hate shopping with me because I always make sure that they try things on. You might think a certain size you love will fit you at every clothing store, this just doesn't work most of the time. So if you're going to shell out some money for new clothes for senior photos remember this important thing you'll feel be confident and this will show as you smile for your senior pictures. Image





 A variety of casual and dress shoes would be ideal. Remember if you're shoes have patterns or stripes on them be mindful that they'll be best paired with an outfit that doesn't clash.



We Give Props to Props: 

What a great way to show off who you are. Popular choices would be sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments, skateboarding, snowboarding or skiing, and or pets. We want to make sure if your school's colors are important to you that we've captured


Portrait PhotographerPortrait Photographer


Since I'm a proud owner of spectacles myself, I have a good tip for you. I would suggest asking your eye doctor if they happen to have a pair of similar glasses that you could borrow without the lenses in them, so the glare isn't an issue.


Questions about blemishes in your senior portraits:


Please don't worry about blemishes; it happens. Don't stress. Stressing will only cause your skin to be more prone to breakouts. We can take care of any areas of concern in our editing process. If you're looking at a way to improve your skin. Water is probably the number one thing you can do to naturally eliminate toxins from your body and this will help give you a natural glow.


  • Stay Hydrated
  • Don't pick your skin
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Minimize Stress
  • Moisturize



Chittenden County Senior Portrait PhotographerChittenden County Senior Portrait Photographer


Can I Bring Someone To My Photo Session: 


You're welcome to bring someone with you to your Vermont senior portraits. I want you to love your senior portraits and we both know that your friend's opinions matter more than your parents and mine. A friend sometimes is the best option because they know how good your selfie game is, and see your face probably more than anyone else. Plus they can be the gentle reminder to smile, and make sure you're smiling with your actual smile. Bring a friend who can keep it real without hurting your feelings.


Natural Light Vermont Senior Portrait Photographer

We will provide you with the best times to have the best natural light so that we can capture images that are amazing in camera as well as in your yearbook. We will want to stay away from noon, as the sun is the highest in the sky and casts harsh shadows underneath the eyes and nose of anyone being photographed. Yes, we can make this work if this is the only time you can work into your schedule. It's on location somewhere in Chittenden County, Addison County, or Rutland County.


Here's the thing about wanting golden light for your senior portraits there are only a few days that we can achieve this when the sun is actually going to be present in the late afternoon. An hour before sunset, the golden hour does produce the best lighting any high school senior could ask for it's one of my favorite environments for shooting photographs. Senior PicturesSenior Pictures




Why Your Senior Portraits Matter To Us


Senior photos are not just the regular old-school pictures that have a green screen background with lasers or the galaxy behind you. It's time to think more seriously, you're going to be graduating at the end of this next year.


It's time you start thinking about who to contact for your senior photos. These are the last photographs of your youth that will be shared with friends and family. How do you want to be remembered? Unless you're going into the world of being a fashion model, if so congrats but for the vast majority of you, this is the last formal portrait session you'll have before your wedding day. Shouldn't you have photos that you'll look back on the person you were at this time in your life?


I think it's all in the experience of making sure this part of high school doesn't suck, let us help make the day one that you will love. I'll bring along a speaker so that you can listen to music from your favorite playlist. We will be sure to let your parents know, however, that I didn't pick the songs.




Brian at B. Farnum Photography wants you the ask questions, have the best memories of your senior year so If you're looking for a photographer with experience working with high school seniors I can save you time in looking for other photographers. I worked up until last year at a high school in southern Vermont. I was the senior class advisor for a number of years and the yearbook advisor as well. So please feel free to inquire to see if we're all booked up.



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