10 reasons why you need to hire a professional wedding photographer

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10 reasons why you need to hire a professional wedding photographer

Professional Wedding PhotographerProfessional Wedding Photographersbride & groom looking

1. A professional wedding photographer knows exactly what to do.

The wedding photography industry is saturated with numerous newcomers who want to book as many weddings as possible in their first couple of years photographing weddings. 

It only makes sense for them to be the lowest-priced option out there; while couples might be working with a pretty tight wedding budget, wedding photography isn't the area you should focus on to save money. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes.

Friends and family may even offer to photograph your special day with their professional equipment. It's also not having the most expensive camera, and it's about being able to use the skills I've gained over 15 plus years as a Vermont wedding photographer.

Knowing how to work within various lighting situations that can change from a church to a field, back to the wedding venue, through a covered bridge, most receptions have limited lighting for a romantic and cozy feel.

Professionals know wedding etiquette for a wedding ceremony and have fun and interact with the guests. 

Being unobtrusive and many couples let us know they don't remember us being around them as we capture the important moments from their first kiss to the dances with their parents, to moments with your grandparents and other beloved family and friends.

Professional Wedding Photographer Being a wedding photographer isn't an easy job. You're photographing the most important day of a couple's new lives together. Many amateur photographers think it's an easy way to make extra money on the weekends, and it isn't as simple as they might think.

Wedding photos are not just the ceremony. You've got the getting ready photos of both individuals getting married. Next, you might have a first look, which if you're smart, you'll get there extra early to scout the perfect location for this. 

The ceremony can be swift sometimes, and if you have someone who's not used to changing their camera settings on the fly, you're going to end up being disappointed.

So let's not live with regret, hire a professional wedding photographer so that all of your wedding planning will become memories that you and your partner will love looking at the wedding album as each anniversary passes by.

Weddings are hard work. It's not like any other event a photographer it's a photographic marathon, from getting ready to the first look, wedding ceremony to reception. Your wedding photographer will know all the crucial moments to look out for and when they occur throughout the day.

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, this means you can rely on the photographer to instruct you with the best poses that will flatter you and your partner. You want to look your absolute best in your wedding photos. An experienced wedding photographer will not hesitate to provide you with direction and guidance during your special day while making your wedding enjoyable for both of you.

There's a drastic difference between a snapshot and a created photograph. If making sure photography at your Vermont wedding is effortless and seamless, working with professional wedding photographers will not only make your wedding albums become a family heirloom. 

But it'll be a cherished keepsake that you'll be proud to show off to any family member or friend when they stop by for dinner or drinks at your place.


2. Professional wedding photographers know how to make sure your wedding photographs are backed up and safe.

You cannot put a price on it; it's more important these days to make sure that your digital wedding photographs are always available since we live in an instant gratification society. Everyone expects photos to be available at the touch of a finger on their phones or tablets.

The first part of my post-wedding workflow is backing up the images when I return home; it doesn't matter what time this is. I want to ensure that your wedding photographs are safe and sound in at least two places. It not only helps me get a better night's sleep, but it will also translate into happier clients. When something happens to their flash drive or their device becomes corrupted, we've always got you covered.

The first place where photos will be is online in your wedding gallery, where all of your wedding photos will be stored and viewed. Your photos will always be available as I have unlimited space, and you will have a link to our app that will house your photos on your phone, where you can access them whenever you desire to.


3. You want to make sure your wedding photographer is reliable.

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, one thing you'll realize rather quickly is that they always have a backup plan. Whether it's making sure to have extra batteries, a camera body, or an additional light to make sure all my bases are covered.

Professional Photographer Thankfully, I've never had to call another wedding photographer before to see if they can cover me due to illness. In this present state of COVID, it's not something I plan on happening, and I always take measures to ensure my couples are taken care of to the best of my abilities.

Planning is something I want to make sure is taken care of so that in case of emergency, a transition of another professional photographer will be able to step in without missing a beat. I would make sure that the photographer would capture all of the important moments that we had discussed for your big day. I want to make sure that every detail is thought of and covered so you'll be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day.


4. Here's the difference between a professional wedding photographer and a friend with an excellent camera.

There are times you can randomly and not often take a photo that you're proud of when you're just fooling around with a camera. Your excitement might be fleeting as the person sitting next to you at the table capture a photo that has a better angle than yours, and they realize that anyone can take a snapshot.

Why a professional wedding photographer? Let's start with differentiation between a professional wedding photographer and a friend. A professional is someone who you hire and makes a living from their business of photography. A friend is someone who's doing it for fun and most likely a favor because they want to help you out.

A professional is not just showing up to take a snapshot, applying a couple of filters, and giving the couple a flash drive with the photographs is about all you can expect. While your friend might have the best intentions, I doubt that they're researching the wedding venue they will be shooting and scouting it beforehand. It's about figuring out where the sun will be, seeing if there's an excellent spot for sunset photos, and noticing any other locations around the venue.

The couple's want to make sure that their questions are answered by having solid communication before, during, and after the wedding. It's not just about the photography; it's also about the customer experience; the better the customer feels, the more apt they are to recommend you to their friends and family who will need a photographer when they get married in Vermont.


Professionals capture better imagesProfessionals capture better images


5. Professional Wedding photographers see the little things

Professionals know that when making an experience for our couples, attention to detail is not made in haste. Every shot, whether it's the getting ready information or of the bride's accessories or the wedding rings, the table setting at the reception.

We are your assistants on your wedding day, making sure every photo looks picture perfect. We'll fix your hair that's out of place, your dress, so it looks as stunning as you imagined it, a tuxedo because most people don't know what the extra bag of buttons are for in their tuxedo rental bag, don't fret, we know how to tie ties and bowties. (We Fancy) Our job is to make every frame flawless.


6. Professional photographers know how to use their equipment.

When you've been a wedding photographer for over 15 years in Vermont, you know a thing or two about what equipment and other items to pack in your emergency bag, as you never really know what can happen on a wedding day.

I always pack extra cameras and lenses because it's so much easier to have backups if something happens to the camera during a wedding. Turning the camera on and it's ready to go. Being prepared is just part of my nightly routine before heading out the following day to start photographing your wedding day.

Making sure the camera is all set and ready to go before the getting ready and first look photographs is just the beginning of the day. I make sure that I bring numerous flash units as I never know how the lighting will be in the getting ready area. If there are large windows, this is generally where the glam team of hair and makeup will set up.

These wedding vendors want the best possible natural light to do their work. Once the room has been reorganized, it's time to begin. I setup up light stands strategically placed around the room so the light will bounce off any white ceiling or walls to make sure that light isn't as harsh; if the space in the room allows, I'll attach soft-boxes, so the light is more controlled and even for a softer and beautiful light that you'll recognize as most every wedding magazine or fashion magazine. Vermont Wedding Couple Covered BridgeVermont Wedding Couple Covered Bridge

Granted, sometimes I feel a little like Mary Poppins being able to pull things out of my camera bags as I need them. Knowing how to use all the photography equipment I own is helpful and vital in being the best professional wedding photographer that I can be.

Knowing what lens to use in which aspect of the wedding can often be overlooked. I like to shoot my portraits as wide open as possible, so the photographs have a beautiful blurry (bokeh) background that separates the subjects from the environment. It'll make any experience seem attractive, whether you have people standing behind the couple or a tree branch behind their heads.

So if your wedding venue doesn't have the best gardens or area for wedding photos, I'll make it work. I can add light to make sure it looks like the rays of sunshine from a sunset are backlighting your images. Like so many days of cloud cover in Vermont, it might make for great lighting for portraits as the cloud cover diffuses it. It doesn't have the dynamic range and pop that is needed to make sure the wedding portraits are ones that a couple will love as well as any family member.


7. Lighting is everything!

Here's where you can see the difference between someone who clicks the shutter and hopes for the best and a seasoned Vermont wedding photographer. Photography is all about light and capturing the light dynamically and creatively that will capture the attention of the couple and their family members and friends.

When you need attractive light when it's a cloudy day for autumn weddings, you've got to make sure you know how to use off-camera flash to create a realistic lighting scenario that will not only look as natural as possible and highlight the best sides of my wedding couples.

Knowing what lighting situation will be best for a particular shot will make the difference in bringing a photograph to life and having a flat and non-exciting picture.


8. Most couples regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture quality wedding photographs.

If you're like me, you sometimes regret some of the decisions you've made in the past. Let's not let your wedding day be one of these moments you wish you listened to your friends and family. Your big day isn't the time to miss out on the value of having a professional wedding photographer; you want to have quality photos no matter the weather conditions.

You've got to remember that you get one chance to get your wedding photography right. There are no redos in the world of wedding photographs. You've got to reflect the amount of planning that goes into creating your photos. From getting professional hair and makeup, one isn't cheap, and it's not as if you want to recreate the expenses that come with it.

Let us help you feel not only comfortable with our photographers but in our abilities to work with your family and friends so that you can relax and enjoy the moments you will share with them.



9. A Professional Wedding Photographer will make a plan and follow the timeline for your wedding day.

I feel as if the best-laid plans still have unexpected delays, and sometimes this can be an opportunity to start photographing a different portion of the day. It seems more often than not, when there's a bride and a groom, it seems that the gentlemen are usually waiting until the very last minute to get dressed and fumbling through getting their boutonnieres securely hastened on a vest or suit jacket. If you start earlier, you've built in a buffer of time where everyone can take a breathe and relax.

Hair & makeup can slow down the getting ready process for the ladies, as it is time-consuming to make a magical updo, and makeup artists don't want to be rushing you're paying for these services. These professionals do not want and should not feel as if they have limited time to finish working.

  • Are the wedding ceremony and reception taking place at separate locations? If so, the photographer will have to factor travel time into their wedding timeline.
  • Would you like to build in time for a "first look," and are you doing formal photos pre-ceremony? Do you think you would rather wait until the cocktail hour to do group and family portraits?
  • Does the wedding reception venue have a hard out, where the music stops due to a noise ordinance? Does the liquor license have a cutoff or last call? We want o make sure that we take this into account. 
  • About how long will your ceremony be? It might depend on your officiant or if you're having a religious ceremony. An example would be an entire Catholic mass; it's essential to know if you're going to be facing the alter straight on or positioned at an angle so your guest can see your faces. 
  • Are you doing a first dance, parent dances (such as the father-daughter and mother-son dances), or other ceremonial dances at your reception?

These are some of the timeline questions to consider when planning your wedding day timeline. B. Farnum Photography always arrives earlier than scheduled. I still get anxious before each wedding, so I love to be early, get the lay of the land and make sure there are no last-minute changes. 

Hiring Professional Wedding PhotographersHiring Professional Wedding Photographers 10. Wedding photography will come edited so you and your partner look your best.

You hire a professional wedding photographer for more than just the photography part of your wedding day. It's also in the way the photographer edits the portraits. I love to spend time focused on the moments that impact me. Photography that invokes an emotional response is the goal; you want a photographer who takes the time to

Since there are numerous wedding photographers in Vermont, let me help you by answering some of your questions about wedding photography and how I photograph a wedding. Wedding photography is one of the memories you'll always love to share as it's one of the most important days of both of your new lives together. Professionals capture better images so you and your partner can rest assured that your wedding photographs will look the best, and you'll love to share them with everyone.








B. Farnum Photography offers the following:

  • We offer non-weekend wedding photography at a lower rate as compared to the weekend, so if you're considering getting married on a non-conventional day ask us about this discount.
  • If you're worried about spending a lot of money upfront I would be happy to set up installments so you can pay each month so it's easier for you and your partner to fit this into your wedding budget.
  • If you're not sure if you want a wedding album included in your package we can add this in at a later date. Parents and other relatives might choose to pay for your wedding album separately too. Vermont Wedding Ring PhotoVermont Wedding Ring Photo


Now it's time to start brainstorming with your partner and your parents and almost-in-laws to start talking about what everybody wants and what your budget for wedding photography will be.

One piece of advice, if you love our wedding photography please book early as 2023 weddings are already starting to book.


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