Engage Your Guests With A Photo Booth

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Vermont photo booth rental

Photo Booths can help improve the atmosphere of your wedding or corporate event. 


Have you ever had those awkward moments before cocktail hour starts or the lull before dinner is served, and it seems like it's the most prolonged moment in your life? Let's capitalize on this downtime to ensure that your guests are engaging and frankly not bored to tears. If people enjoy their time together, this will speak volumes for you and your company.

Let us help you create a room where fun meets nostalgia. Most everyone can remember a time when all of your friends crammed into a photo booth in the local mall or sometimes even a bar. Making silly faces and letting loose their preconceived notions of who they are and how they're supposed to act in public.

We will make sure we add a couple of silly props in the mix, this will help make people laugh, and it will keep the flow of your event light and fun. No one talks about a stale or boring event, besides how much they will not attend the next event you hold.

Photo booths are a wonderful way to encourage networking.

Business events can be tense and stressful, but a photo booth rental is sure to put everyone in the right mood. With one of these fun machines at your next meeting or trade show, you'll have tons o' smiles on display - not just from children who enjoy themselves immensely while waiting their turn inside! You may even meet some interesting people along with them; maybe they know someone that has an idea-solving service for whatever problem(s) plagues both parties involved?

Hiring a photo booth is an excellent way to break the ice with your guests and vendors. As people wait in line, they'll be more likely than not to start small talk about what's going on around them - which can lead to future business conversations!

When you're at a business event, it can be hard to make connections with the people around you. Renting out photobooths is one way that encourages strangers and vendors to get acquainted-the more casual conversations that happen in line for this activity will prove valuable if your friend happens to come across someone who has helped solve his/her problem before!


Open Air Photo Booth This is just the beginning of the web of social interactions that can branch out to increase your personal and business connections. Providing a specific hashtag for the event can make it easier to find the photos and people you met that night at the event. 

What better way to build a brand than through social media? If you're looking for an easy and effective marketing strategy, then look no further! Sharing on your favorite platforms will help improve reach by flooding the streams with images from all those attending. They can be assigned specific roles during events so that they know what is expected of them in order not only promote branding but also create memorable moments captured within these posts which could potentially become international sensations if done correctly - imagine hundreds upon thousands of guests posting photos online about how great everything was at this recent function or gathering?! The possibilities really do seem limitless when we take advantage of today’s most powerful tool: connectivity


A Photo booth rental helps your event stand out.

Many special events where large groups of people will be in one location such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary party can benefit from a photo booth rental. Photo booths seem to be everywhere these days, ours has an actual Canon camera inside, not just the camera from an iPad.

You might be asking yourself, hey! My industry is fun and has had numerous photo booths over the years which sets you apart from the others. It's simple we're just more fun! I'm kidding, or am I? No, but seriously you'll love our attendants, prints, and text messages that have been all customized to with your details so that you can make sure your event does in fact stand out in the sea of other gatherings.

With our open-air photo booth rentals, you can turn every occasion into a special event from class reunions to birthdays, wedding guests will love it too! The on-site attendant will make you a print in case you forget to, it's a full-service experience photo booth rental.

Photo booth rentals create self-promotion opportunities you can only dream of.

At B. Farnum Photography, we help our clients seize the opportunity to self-promote to their guests. Tragically placing your logo around the area around the photo booth will also increase the awareness of the business's presence at the event. It's also a great way to sell a sponsorship to vendors at a fundraising event that you're holding.

If you would like your logo on the printed photos, we can offer you this service. In a matter of seconds, people will have photos that include your brand, which they can now keep. This provides a great brand presence, that will last as long as people keep hold of their photos.

We all love free publicity! 

When you think about the savings by not running additional ads on social media, it's easy to see why everyone is doing this. You receive plenty of these from people uploading their photos and asking that they be hashtagged for others who didn't make it out there or even just want a glimpse at what went down! Double points if your next event involves selling tickets - all those new pictures will help promote themselves quickly because we've got an awesome visual resume-like portfolio now available thanks entirely too much free time spent posting things online without thinking twice before hitting the post button.

Photo booths are less expensive than some entertainment options Photo Booth Rental .

We all know that corporate events can get a little boring after about an hour. Hiring our photo booth for the night is often cheaper and more entertaining than trying to book bands or DJs, which will surely cost you some serious cash! With this fun activity, the prints are sure to make everyone happy with their customized pictures from your big night out on the town.

A lot of people might think hiring someone else would be expensive but in reality, it may actually end up being less costly if they're into instant gratification - what better way than having them take home a print and the digital photos delivered right to their phones. 

hire our photo booths for any corporate event you are hosting, and guests will be thoroughly engaged the whole night through. You'll get a lot of fun out of it while maintaining your budget - who could ask anything more?

A photo booth provides your guests a way to create their own experience with photos, giving them the freedom to create and have their own fun experiences! 


Photo booths are perfect for every occasion

Why not turn your next event into a memorable experience with our photo booth? We offer great themes and custom designs that will make this year's Christmas party or company anniversary even more special. Your guests can enjoy taking pictures while they're still at the forefront of their minds, thanks in part to these personalized keepsakes!

They require less work on the night of the event.

Booking a photo booth does come with some upfront planning if you want it to be a success, this will be taken well before the night of the event so you'll have the time to make decisions about where you would like it when you want us to arrive and you'll receive a proof of the template that we will be using that night. Wanting to make sure we get out the message you're trying to promote to the guests. 

Photo Booth Props

On the night of your event, the photo booth attendant is a professional, who takes care of setting up and arranging the props and testing the booth, and making sure everything is set to start. 

No need to worry about the printer running out of paper we bring extra it's an easy fix for the attendant, or if anything else goes wrong, because we have it all covered so you can enjoy your evening.

We want guests to feel welcome to use the photo booth as they please and come back up time after time. Let's face it you have way more important aspects of the event to focus on than the photo booth, we ensure that all other components on our end will run smoothly and not cause you unneeded stress.

It gives your attendees something tangible to remember the night by!

Numerous hours went into time and planning for organizing your business event and making sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. You've created this wonderful experience, ensure people are able to remember it with the photos from the night. We find the best way to do this is to offer a tangible memento such as a printed photo.


We make photo booth rental a hassle-free process. 

B. Farnum Photography makes booking a photo booth a simple phone call where you get the information needed, your email so you can send us a logo and company colors so that we can match it so the template we customize for you is on-brand. We are available to help you from the start of hiring a photo booth, right until the end of the night. 

Burlington Vermont clients love the uniqueness of this model, and the fact that it doesn't take up a lot of room is a bonus. All of our photo booths come with props, if it's a themed event and you would like to buy additional props to offer guests let us know so we can ensure the best photo booth props for your event. Props really let your guests express their imagination and their personality with some wacky photographs! Photo Booth For Birthdays

Vermont Photobooth rentals

We travel to different locations throughout Vermont, including Burlington, South Burlington, Middlebury, Bristol, Rutland, Woodstock, Manchester, and Stowe. 







Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your corporate event into an interactive, memorable experience. With one of the only open-air photo booths available for rent in Vermont or New Hampshire, you will have all guests engaged and having fun throughout their entire visit! You'll be able to capture memories through every strip that gets printed by our photo booth attendants who are on hand at each event capturing unique moments unparalleled anywhere else.



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