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Engage Your Guests With A Photo Booth

March 10, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Vermont photo booth rental

Photo Booths can help improve the atmosphere of your wedding or corporate event. 


Have you ever had those awkward moments before cocktail hour starts or the lull before dinner is served, and it seems like it's the most prolonged moment in your life? Let's capitalize on this downtime to ensure that your guests are engaging and frankly not bored to tears. If people enjoy their time together, this will speak volumes for you and your company.

Let us help you create a room where fun meets nostalgia. Most everyone can remember a time when all of your friends crammed into a photo booth in the local mall or sometimes even a bar. Making silly faces and letting loose their preconceived notions of who they are and how they're supposed to act in public.

We will make sure we add a couple of silly props in the mix, this will help make people laugh, and it will keep the flow of your event light and fun. No one talks about a stale or boring event, besides how much they will not attend the next event you hold.

Photo booths are a wonderful way to encourage networking.

Business events can be tense and stressful, but a photo booth rental is sure to put everyone in the right mood. With one of these fun machines at your next meeting or trade show, you'll have tons o' smiles on display - not just from children who enjoy themselves immensely while waiting their turn inside! You may even meet some interesting people along with them; maybe they know someone that has an idea-solving service for whatever problem(s) plagues both parties involved?

Hiring a photo booth is an excellent way to break the ice with your guests and vendors. As people wait in line, they'll be more likely than not to start small talk about what's going on around them - which can lead to future business conversations!

When you're at a business event, it can be hard to make connections with the people around you. Renting out photobooths is one way that encourages strangers and vendors to get acquainted-the more casual conversations that happen in line for this activity will prove valuable if your friend happens to come across someone who has helped solve his/her problem before!


Open Air Photo Booth This is just the beginning of the web of social interactions that can branch out to increase your personal and business connections. Providing a specific hashtag for the event can make it easier to find the photos and people you met that night at the event. 

What better way to build a brand than through social media? If you're looking for an easy and effective marketing strategy, then look no further! Sharing on your favorite platforms will help improve reach by flooding the streams with images from all those attending. They can be assigned specific roles during events so that they know what is expected of them in order not only promote branding but also create memorable moments captured within these posts which could potentially become international sensations if done correctly - imagine hundreds upon thousands of guests posting photos online about how great everything was at this recent function or gathering?! The possibilities really do seem limitless when we take advantage of today’s most powerful tool: connectivity


A Photo booth rental helps your event stand out.

Many special events where large groups of people will be in one location such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary party can benefit from a photo booth rental. Photo booths seem to be everywhere these days, ours has an actual Canon camera inside, not just the camera from an iPad.

You might be asking yourself, hey! My industry is fun and has had numerous photo booths over the years which sets you apart from the others. It's simple we're just more fun! I'm kidding, or am I? No, but seriously you'll love our attendants, prints, and text messages that have been all customized to with your details so that you can make sure your event does in fact stand out in the sea of other gatherings.

With our open-air photo booth rentals, you can turn every occasion into a special event from class reunions to birthdays, wedding guests will love it too! The on-site attendant will make you a print in case you forget to, it's a full-service experience photo booth rental.

Photo booth rentals create self-promotion opportunities you can only dream of.

At B. Farnum Photography, we help our clients seize the opportunity to self-promote to their guests. Tragically placing your logo around the area around the photo booth will also increase the awareness of the business's presence at the event. It's also a great way to sell a sponsorship to vendors at a fundraising event that you're holding.

If you would like your logo on the printed photos, we can offer you this service. In a matter of seconds, people will have photos that include your brand, which they can now keep. This provides a great brand presence, that will last as long as people keep hold of their photos.

We all love free publicity! 

When you think about the savings by not running additional ads on social media, it's easy to see why everyone is doing this. You receive plenty of these from people uploading their photos and asking that they be hashtagged for others who didn't make it out there or even just want a glimpse at what went down! Double points if your next event involves selling tickets - all those new pictures will help promote themselves quickly because we've got an awesome visual resume-like portfolio now available thanks entirely too much free time spent posting things online without thinking twice before hitting the post button.

Photo booths are less expensive than some entertainment options Photo Booth Rental .

We all know that corporate events can get a little boring after about an hour. Hiring our photo booth for the night is often cheaper and more entertaining than trying to book bands or DJs, which will surely cost you some serious cash! With this fun activity, the prints are sure to make everyone happy with their customized pictures from your big night out on the town.

A lot of people might think hiring someone else would be expensive but in reality, it may actually end up being less costly if they're into instant gratification - what better way than having them take home a print and the digital photos delivered right to their phones. 

hire our photo booths for any corporate event you are hosting, and guests will be thoroughly engaged the whole night through. You'll get a lot of fun out of it while maintaining your budget - who could ask anything more?

A photo booth provides your guests a way to create their own experience with photos, giving them the freedom to create and have their own fun experiences! 


Photo booths are perfect for every occasion

Why not turn your next event into a memorable experience with our photo booth? We offer great themes and custom designs that will make this year's Christmas party or company anniversary even more special. Your guests can enjoy taking pictures while they're still at the forefront of their minds, thanks in part to these personalized keepsakes!

They require less work on the night of the event.

Booking a photo booth does come with some upfront planning if you want it to be a success, this will be taken well before the night of the event so you'll have the time to make decisions about where you would like it when you want us to arrive and you'll receive a proof of the template that we will be using that night. Wanting to make sure we get out the message you're trying to promote to the guests. 

Photo Booth Props

On the night of your event, the photo booth attendant is a professional, who takes care of setting up and arranging the props and testing the booth, and making sure everything is set to start. 

No need to worry about the printer running out of paper we bring extra it's an easy fix for the attendant, or if anything else goes wrong, because we have it all covered so you can enjoy your evening.

We want guests to feel welcome to use the photo booth as they please and come back up time after time. Let's face it you have way more important aspects of the event to focus on than the photo booth, we ensure that all other components on our end will run smoothly and not cause you unneeded stress.

It gives your attendees something tangible to remember the night by!

Numerous hours went into time and planning for organizing your business event and making sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. You've created this wonderful experience, ensure people are able to remember it with the photos from the night. We find the best way to do this is to offer a tangible memento such as a printed photo.


We make photo booth rental a hassle-free process. 

B. Farnum Photography makes booking a photo booth a simple phone call where you get the information needed, your email so you can send us a logo and company colors so that we can match it so the template we customize for you is on-brand. We are available to help you from the start of hiring a photo booth, right until the end of the night. 

Burlington Vermont clients love the uniqueness of this model, and the fact that it doesn't take up a lot of room is a bonus. All of our photo booths come with props, if it's a themed event and you would like to buy additional props to offer guests let us know so we can ensure the best photo booth props for your event. Props really let your guests express their imagination and their personality with some wacky photographs! Photo Booth For Birthdays

Vermont Photobooth rentals

We travel to different locations throughout Vermont, including Burlington, South Burlington, Middlebury, Bristol, Rutland, Woodstock, Manchester, and Stowe. 







Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your corporate event into an interactive, memorable experience. With one of the only open-air photo booths available for rent in Vermont or New Hampshire, you will have all guests engaged and having fun throughout their entire visit! You'll be able to capture memories through every strip that gets printed by our photo booth attendants who are on hand at each event capturing unique moments unparalleled anywhere else.


Vermont Photographer Is Always Learning

March 08, 2022  •  1 Comment


Maternity Portraits Maternity Portraits As a Vermont wedding & portrait photographer, I must always learn and continue my photography education. I have to give a quick thank you to the Vermont Professional Photographers organization for bringing the in-person event back to The Essex Resort & Spa. This weekends classes that were held in person on Saturday were provided by the following photographers:

Mark Mann: What Makes a Portrait?

Mark provided terrific stories about how he works and engages with his clients through his editorial; he's been featured in Esquire, Men's Health, Spin magazines. The biggest takeaways from yesterday's workshop, in my opinion, were:

When you're talking to the client you've got to be talking from behind the camera and making the subject more comfortable and engaging to make sure that you're getting a reaction.

If you know who you're photographing and you can do some research beforehand to better prepare yourself before you start taking photos you'll have ideas to bring up if your client isn't comfortable or needs to loosen up. Bringing up something personal about them, but appropriate can shift the dynamic of the portrait session.

Colby McLemore: How You Can Start a Love Affair with Your Blog

Make sure that you have a schedule and stick to it to write and publish your blog, repurpose and repost on the different social media platforms. This workshop was a wonderful reminder that when you work on your photography business your business will start working for you.

There is a vast difference between working in your business and working on your business. Writing photography blogs is the latter, you need to make sure that you're crafting content as a professional photographer.

Leslie Andrews: Creating the Life You Deserve, Doing What You Love!

"Gear Does Not Make You Money, You Do"

This quote from Leslie resonates with me as many photographers are focused on lenses, cameras, and other types of photography equipment to be the best photographers.

It's not that gear that's bright and shiny doesn't make you feel fantastic, it's more or less about knowing how to actually craft photographs that show people in their best light.

Only display your best work, less is more. Only put the type of photographs you want to book online. Surprisingly it's not about posting quantity, it's all about the quality of the photographs that you put out online.

Wedding Details PhotographsPhotographing Wedding DetailsWedding Details Remember that photography is always evolving, if you don't learn you'll be left in the dust. Being that I'm located in Vermont it's one of the smallest populations in the country as states go, it's important to me to make sure that I'm working to stay ahead of other photographers in the area. 

Learning at the Vermont Professional Photographers annual convention every year is something that I look forward to, it's a fun learning environment with like-minded photographers who want to build you up so that you're the best that you can be. 


If you're looking for a Vermont Wedding Photographer or Portrait Photographer please contact us.


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10 reasons why you need to hire a professional wedding photographer

February 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

10 reasons why you need to hire a professional wedding photographer

Professional Wedding PhotographerProfessional Wedding Photographersbride & groom looking

1. A professional wedding photographer knows exactly what to do.

The wedding photography industry is saturated with numerous newcomers who want to book as many weddings as possible in their first couple of years photographing weddings. 

It only makes sense for them to be the lowest-priced option out there; while couples might be working with a pretty tight wedding budget, wedding photography isn't the area you should focus on to save money. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes.

Friends and family may even offer to photograph your special day with their professional equipment. It's also not having the most expensive camera, and it's about being able to use the skills I've gained over 15 plus years as a Vermont wedding photographer.

Knowing how to work within various lighting situations that can change from a church to a field, back to the wedding venue, through a covered bridge, most receptions have limited lighting for a romantic and cozy feel.

Professionals know wedding etiquette for a wedding ceremony and have fun and interact with the guests. 

Being unobtrusive and many couples let us know they don't remember us being around them as we capture the important moments from their first kiss to the dances with their parents, to moments with your grandparents and other beloved family and friends.

Professional Wedding Photographer Being a wedding photographer isn't an easy job. You're photographing the most important day of a couple's new lives together. Many amateur photographers think it's an easy way to make extra money on the weekends, and it isn't as simple as they might think.

Wedding photos are not just the ceremony. You've got the getting ready photos of both individuals getting married. Next, you might have a first look, which if you're smart, you'll get there extra early to scout the perfect location for this. 

The ceremony can be swift sometimes, and if you have someone who's not used to changing their camera settings on the fly, you're going to end up being disappointed.

So let's not live with regret, hire a professional wedding photographer so that all of your wedding planning will become memories that you and your partner will love looking at the wedding album as each anniversary passes by.

Weddings are hard work. It's not like any other event a photographer it's a photographic marathon, from getting ready to the first look, wedding ceremony to reception. Your wedding photographer will know all the crucial moments to look out for and when they occur throughout the day.

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, this means you can rely on the photographer to instruct you with the best poses that will flatter you and your partner. You want to look your absolute best in your wedding photos. An experienced wedding photographer will not hesitate to provide you with direction and guidance during your special day while making your wedding enjoyable for both of you.

There's a drastic difference between a snapshot and a created photograph. If making sure photography at your Vermont wedding is effortless and seamless, working with professional wedding photographers will not only make your wedding albums become a family heirloom. 

But it'll be a cherished keepsake that you'll be proud to show off to any family member or friend when they stop by for dinner or drinks at your place.


2. Professional wedding photographers know how to make sure your wedding photographs are backed up and safe.

You cannot put a price on it; it's more important these days to make sure that your digital wedding photographs are always available since we live in an instant gratification society. Everyone expects photos to be available at the touch of a finger on their phones or tablets.

The first part of my post-wedding workflow is backing up the images when I return home; it doesn't matter what time this is. I want to ensure that your wedding photographs are safe and sound in at least two places. It not only helps me get a better night's sleep, but it will also translate into happier clients. When something happens to their flash drive or their device becomes corrupted, we've always got you covered.

The first place where photos will be is online in your wedding gallery, where all of your wedding photos will be stored and viewed. Your photos will always be available as I have unlimited space, and you will have a link to our app that will house your photos on your phone, where you can access them whenever you desire to.


3. You want to make sure your wedding photographer is reliable.

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, one thing you'll realize rather quickly is that they always have a backup plan. Whether it's making sure to have extra batteries, a camera body, or an additional light to make sure all my bases are covered.

Professional Photographer Thankfully, I've never had to call another wedding photographer before to see if they can cover me due to illness. In this present state of COVID, it's not something I plan on happening, and I always take measures to ensure my couples are taken care of to the best of my abilities.

Planning is something I want to make sure is taken care of so that in case of emergency, a transition of another professional photographer will be able to step in without missing a beat. I would make sure that the photographer would capture all of the important moments that we had discussed for your big day. I want to make sure that every detail is thought of and covered so you'll be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day.


4. Here's the difference between a professional wedding photographer and a friend with an excellent camera.

There are times you can randomly and not often take a photo that you're proud of when you're just fooling around with a camera. Your excitement might be fleeting as the person sitting next to you at the table capture a photo that has a better angle than yours, and they realize that anyone can take a snapshot.

Why a professional wedding photographer? Let's start with differentiation between a professional wedding photographer and a friend. A professional is someone who you hire and makes a living from their business of photography. A friend is someone who's doing it for fun and most likely a favor because they want to help you out.

A professional is not just showing up to take a snapshot, applying a couple of filters, and giving the couple a flash drive with the photographs is about all you can expect. While your friend might have the best intentions, I doubt that they're researching the wedding venue they will be shooting and scouting it beforehand. It's about figuring out where the sun will be, seeing if there's an excellent spot for sunset photos, and noticing any other locations around the venue.

The couple's want to make sure that their questions are answered by having solid communication before, during, and after the wedding. It's not just about the photography; it's also about the customer experience; the better the customer feels, the more apt they are to recommend you to their friends and family who will need a photographer when they get married in Vermont.


Professionals capture better imagesProfessionals capture better images


5. Professional Wedding photographers see the little things

Professionals know that when making an experience for our couples, attention to detail is not made in haste. Every shot, whether it's the getting ready information or of the bride's accessories or the wedding rings, the table setting at the reception.

We are your assistants on your wedding day, making sure every photo looks picture perfect. We'll fix your hair that's out of place, your dress, so it looks as stunning as you imagined it, a tuxedo because most people don't know what the extra bag of buttons are for in their tuxedo rental bag, don't fret, we know how to tie ties and bowties. (We Fancy) Our job is to make every frame flawless.


6. Professional photographers know how to use their equipment.

When you've been a wedding photographer for over 15 years in Vermont, you know a thing or two about what equipment and other items to pack in your emergency bag, as you never really know what can happen on a wedding day.

I always pack extra cameras and lenses because it's so much easier to have backups if something happens to the camera during a wedding. Turning the camera on and it's ready to go. Being prepared is just part of my nightly routine before heading out the following day to start photographing your wedding day.

Making sure the camera is all set and ready to go before the getting ready and first look photographs is just the beginning of the day. I make sure that I bring numerous flash units as I never know how the lighting will be in the getting ready area. If there are large windows, this is generally where the glam team of hair and makeup will set up.

These wedding vendors want the best possible natural light to do their work. Once the room has been reorganized, it's time to begin. I setup up light stands strategically placed around the room so the light will bounce off any white ceiling or walls to make sure that light isn't as harsh; if the space in the room allows, I'll attach soft-boxes, so the light is more controlled and even for a softer and beautiful light that you'll recognize as most every wedding magazine or fashion magazine. Vermont Wedding Couple Covered BridgeVermont Wedding Couple Covered Bridge

Granted, sometimes I feel a little like Mary Poppins being able to pull things out of my camera bags as I need them. Knowing how to use all the photography equipment I own is helpful and vital in being the best professional wedding photographer that I can be.

Knowing what lens to use in which aspect of the wedding can often be overlooked. I like to shoot my portraits as wide open as possible, so the photographs have a beautiful blurry (bokeh) background that separates the subjects from the environment. It'll make any experience seem attractive, whether you have people standing behind the couple or a tree branch behind their heads.

So if your wedding venue doesn't have the best gardens or area for wedding photos, I'll make it work. I can add light to make sure it looks like the rays of sunshine from a sunset are backlighting your images. Like so many days of cloud cover in Vermont, it might make for great lighting for portraits as the cloud cover diffuses it. It doesn't have the dynamic range and pop that is needed to make sure the wedding portraits are ones that a couple will love as well as any family member.


7. Lighting is everything!

Here's where you can see the difference between someone who clicks the shutter and hopes for the best and a seasoned Vermont wedding photographer. Photography is all about light and capturing the light dynamically and creatively that will capture the attention of the couple and their family members and friends.

When you need attractive light when it's a cloudy day for autumn weddings, you've got to make sure you know how to use off-camera flash to create a realistic lighting scenario that will not only look as natural as possible and highlight the best sides of my wedding couples.

Knowing what lighting situation will be best for a particular shot will make the difference in bringing a photograph to life and having a flat and non-exciting picture.


8. Most couples regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture quality wedding photographs.

If you're like me, you sometimes regret some of the decisions you've made in the past. Let's not let your wedding day be one of these moments you wish you listened to your friends and family. Your big day isn't the time to miss out on the value of having a professional wedding photographer; you want to have quality photos no matter the weather conditions.

You've got to remember that you get one chance to get your wedding photography right. There are no redos in the world of wedding photographs. You've got to reflect the amount of planning that goes into creating your photos. From getting professional hair and makeup, one isn't cheap, and it's not as if you want to recreate the expenses that come with it.

Let us help you feel not only comfortable with our photographers but in our abilities to work with your family and friends so that you can relax and enjoy the moments you will share with them.



9. A Professional Wedding Photographer will make a plan and follow the timeline for your wedding day.

I feel as if the best-laid plans still have unexpected delays, and sometimes this can be an opportunity to start photographing a different portion of the day. It seems more often than not, when there's a bride and a groom, it seems that the gentlemen are usually waiting until the very last minute to get dressed and fumbling through getting their boutonnieres securely hastened on a vest or suit jacket. If you start earlier, you've built in a buffer of time where everyone can take a breathe and relax.

Hair & makeup can slow down the getting ready process for the ladies, as it is time-consuming to make a magical updo, and makeup artists don't want to be rushing you're paying for these services. These professionals do not want and should not feel as if they have limited time to finish working.

  • Are the wedding ceremony and reception taking place at separate locations? If so, the photographer will have to factor travel time into their wedding timeline.
  • Would you like to build in time for a "first look," and are you doing formal photos pre-ceremony? Do you think you would rather wait until the cocktail hour to do group and family portraits?
  • Does the wedding reception venue have a hard out, where the music stops due to a noise ordinance? Does the liquor license have a cutoff or last call? We want o make sure that we take this into account. 
  • About how long will your ceremony be? It might depend on your officiant or if you're having a religious ceremony. An example would be an entire Catholic mass; it's essential to know if you're going to be facing the alter straight on or positioned at an angle so your guest can see your faces. 
  • Are you doing a first dance, parent dances (such as the father-daughter and mother-son dances), or other ceremonial dances at your reception?

These are some of the timeline questions to consider when planning your wedding day timeline. B. Farnum Photography always arrives earlier than scheduled. I still get anxious before each wedding, so I love to be early, get the lay of the land and make sure there are no last-minute changes. 

Hiring Professional Wedding PhotographersHiring Professional Wedding Photographers 10. Wedding photography will come edited so you and your partner look your best.

You hire a professional wedding photographer for more than just the photography part of your wedding day. It's also in the way the photographer edits the portraits. I love to spend time focused on the moments that impact me. Photography that invokes an emotional response is the goal; you want a photographer who takes the time to

Since there are numerous wedding photographers in Vermont, let me help you by answering some of your questions about wedding photography and how I photograph a wedding. Wedding photography is one of the memories you'll always love to share as it's one of the most important days of both of your new lives together. Professionals capture better images so you and your partner can rest assured that your wedding photographs will look the best, and you'll love to share them with everyone.








B. Farnum Photography offers the following:

  • We offer non-weekend wedding photography at a lower rate as compared to the weekend, so if you're considering getting married on a non-conventional day ask us about this discount.
  • If you're worried about spending a lot of money upfront I would be happy to set up installments so you can pay each month so it's easier for you and your partner to fit this into your wedding budget.
  • If you're not sure if you want a wedding album included in your package we can add this in at a later date. Parents and other relatives might choose to pay for your wedding album separately too. Vermont Wedding Ring PhotoVermont Wedding Ring Photo


Now it's time to start brainstorming with your partner and your parents and almost-in-laws to start talking about what everybody wants and what your budget for wedding photography will be.

One piece of advice, if you love our wedding photography please book early as 2023 weddings are already starting to book.

Vermont Senior Portraits

January 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Vermont senior portraits

Vermont Senior Portraits Vermont Senior Portraits
So summer is now ending, back to school is in full swing throughout Vermont. Have you thought about booking your photographer for your senior pictures? Many of you haven't and this is totally fine but you cannot wait much longer as we are heading into the busy season most everyone that we photograph for Vermont senior portraits wants them around the same window of time early fall. As we try and do a great job accommodating all the requests at some point we will have to turn senior portrait sessions down.

Spring and Summer are also just as beautiful as Autumn in Vermont, if you know that you would like to do a senior portrait session in the fall I would recommend you schedule it earlier than later as there are so many weekends for outdoor sessions. As we all know mother nature doesn't care if we would love a pop of sunshine to make all of the splendor come to life in your images. We will also talk about rain dates if it's in the upcoming forecast.





Don't be nervous about your senior portraits

There's no reason to be anxious about having your senior portraits photos taken. Yes, we realize that you Senior Portraits Senior Portraits
don't want to be posed. If it's one thing I know, it's how one's portraits can change one's opinion of themselves.
For many of you, this is the last formal photo you'll have before you'll have an engagement
session or wedding photos on your wedding day. We want to make sure that your portraits show who you are, so relax.

A photo session is nothing more than a conversation that happens and unfolds through various outfits changes, some laughs, and of course stunning photographs you and your family will love. I'll bring music along; just tell me what you want to hear, and I'll make a playlist. I find this helps the photo session flow.

We want you to have the best senior year you can have, just so you know we can photograph you at a safe distance we practice social distancing and we do wear masks when photographing high school seniors. If you're not feeling well, we do ask that you reschedule because we do take the safety of our staff and loved ones very seriously.

Vermont Senior PortraitVermont Senior Portrait

Arrival at your senior portrait session: 

Arriving early or on time is of the utmost importance after all we're running a business and we do realize that life happens. Showing up late to your senior portrait session simply means that you will have less time spent in front of the lens. I find that it takes about 10 minutes or so for nerves to be calmed and then we can start capturing true expressions. If you do happen to be running late, it'd be nice to shoot me a text to let me know.


High School Seniors: Clothing (Please Read)

We give you unlimited wardrobe changes, so bringing a lot of clothing options is key. Lots of clothing options we can mix and match will give us more flexibility to choose the best outfit to play off the outdoor surroundings. Hang up all of your clothing on hangers to eliminate unneeded wrinkles, this will help on-location senior portraits a more polished and refined look to submit for the yearbook. 

If you are someone who loves to through things in a bag and hope for the best. GASP!... Wet the clothes and toss a dryer sheet or two input in for 15 minutes and you should be all set. (Don't put things in the dryer that shouldn't ever go in there. I don't want any ruined Cashmere.)

Colors are great to incorporate into your Vermont senior portraits, as most of my high school seniors want to have their photos taken in the early fall be mindful that you want to make sure to wear complementary colors so you don't blend into the background. If there seems to be a lot of oranges, make sure to have some blue options. If there seems to be a lot of reds, make sure to have some darker green options. These details can really make all of the difference, you really want to wow your friends and of course your parents. (Bonus points for those who have an option that makes their eyes pop!)


Try to the best of your ability to avoid stripes, plaids, and shirts with various words on them being the most important as you move you might be blocking the message and this doesn't really make for the best professional photos. This all distracts from you the subject.

If you're not comfortable in the clothing you choose, it will show your senior portraits. Make sure everything fits properly. Yes, this does mean that you might have to go into a fitting room at the clothing store. There's a reason fitting rooms exist, to make sure your clothes actually fit. There's a novel idea. Just ask any of my nieces or nephews, they hate shopping with me because I always make sure that they try things on. You might think a certain size you love will fit you at every clothing store, this just doesn't work most of the time. So if you're going to shell out some money for new clothes for senior photos remember this important thing you'll feel be confident and this will show as you smile for your senior pictures. Image





 A variety of casual and dress shoes would be ideal. Remember if you're shoes have patterns or stripes on them be mindful that they'll be best paired with an outfit that doesn't clash.



We Give Props to Props: 

What a great way to show off who you are. Popular choices would be sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments, skateboarding, snowboarding or skiing, and or pets. We want to make sure if your school's colors are important to you that we've captured


Portrait PhotographerPortrait Photographer


Since I'm a proud owner of spectacles myself, I have a good tip for you. I would suggest asking your eye doctor if they happen to have a pair of similar glasses that you could borrow without the lenses in them, so the glare isn't an issue.


Questions about blemishes in your senior portraits:


Please don't worry about blemishes; it happens. Don't stress. Stressing will only cause your skin to be more prone to breakouts. We can take care of any areas of concern in our editing process. If you're looking at a way to improve your skin. Water is probably the number one thing you can do to naturally eliminate toxins from your body and this will help give you a natural glow.


  • Stay Hydrated
  • Don't pick your skin
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Minimize Stress
  • Moisturize



Chittenden County Senior Portrait PhotographerChittenden County Senior Portrait Photographer


Can I Bring Someone To My Photo Session: 


You're welcome to bring someone with you to your Vermont senior portraits. I want you to love your senior portraits and we both know that your friend's opinions matter more than your parents and mine. A friend sometimes is the best option because they know how good your selfie game is, and see your face probably more than anyone else. Plus they can be the gentle reminder to smile, and make sure you're smiling with your actual smile. Bring a friend who can keep it real without hurting your feelings.


Natural Light Vermont Senior Portrait Photographer

We will provide you with the best times to have the best natural light so that we can capture images that are amazing in camera as well as in your yearbook. We will want to stay away from noon, as the sun is the highest in the sky and casts harsh shadows underneath the eyes and nose of anyone being photographed. Yes, we can make this work if this is the only time you can work into your schedule. It's on location somewhere in Chittenden County, Addison County, or Rutland County.


Here's the thing about wanting golden light for your senior portraits there are only a few days that we can achieve this when the sun is actually going to be present in the late afternoon. An hour before sunset, the golden hour does produce the best lighting any high school senior could ask for it's one of my favorite environments for shooting photographs. Senior PicturesSenior Pictures




Why Your Senior Portraits Matter To Us


Senior photos are not just the regular old-school pictures that have a green screen background with lasers or the galaxy behind you. It's time to think more seriously, you're going to be graduating at the end of this next year.


It's time you start thinking about who to contact for your senior photos. These are the last photographs of your youth that will be shared with friends and family. How do you want to be remembered? Unless you're going into the world of being a fashion model, if so congrats but for the vast majority of you, this is the last formal portrait session you'll have before your wedding day. Shouldn't you have photos that you'll look back on the person you were at this time in your life?


I think it's all in the experience of making sure this part of high school doesn't suck, let us help make the day one that you will love. I'll bring along a speaker so that you can listen to music from your favorite playlist. We will be sure to let your parents know, however, that I didn't pick the songs.




Brian at B. Farnum Photography wants you the ask questions, have the best memories of your senior year so If you're looking for a photographer with experience working with high school seniors I can save you time in looking for other photographers. I worked up until last year at a high school in southern Vermont. I was the senior class advisor for a number of years and the yearbook advisor as well. So please feel free to inquire to see if we're all booked up.


Portrait Photographer Bristol Vermont

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Portrait photographer Bristol Vermont

Vermont Family Portrait Photographer I moved to Bristol, Vermont last April. I have been running a successful professional photography and photo booth business in Southern Vermont since 2005. I love being creative on location to capture the moments that express your family, your style, or your vision.

I'm always in search of beautiful backgrounds, stunning views, or settings with an intimate and authentic photographic experience. I love someone who has a vision that they would like me to help bring to life in my photographs. My brain is a problem-solving brain so if you happen to think it's not possible let's talk it through and see what kind of magic we can make together. Collaboration creates better art for everyone. My passion for photography stems from the ability to create something new, framing a photograph is like a fresh blank canvas for me.

One of the most exciting projects I had the pleasure to photograph was the dance studio who came to my house where I photographed them in my backyard full costume and the fun that color smoke bombs brought to the photoshoot was great.

Yes, there was a moment where I thought the neighbors might have wanted to peek and see what was going on as it's all about the small-town life. The beauty that colors and dance moves that were captured mid-air or from a dance position was got me back to my camera during the lockdown. Since most all other portrait sessions had been canceled and I could set up outside and be more than 6' feet away at all times it really was the highlight of the summer.




High school senior portraits

Senior Portraits VermontSenior Portraits Vermont I would have to say these are some of the most artistic and compelling photographs I get to take behind the camera. It's now more important than ever for seniors to look and feel their best. Unfortunately, social media has made life as a teenager that much more stressful, pressure-filled, and a new type of popularity contest that consists of likes, follows, and comments. Who knew life would transform into a digital reality that means more to a person than their actual reality. That being said, we know how important it is for you to look and feel your best. I've worked with teenagers for a number of years in a high school environment, so I know firsthand how cruel others can be when they feel threatened or challenged.


Based In Bristol Vermont

Being that I'm relatively new to Bristol, Vermont I would like to introduce myself. I've been a professional portrait and wedding photographer since 2005. I currently and still will travel all over the state of Vermont to photograph portraits and weddings. Being that I'm now closer to Burlington, Vermont I'm hoping to start branching out to the greater Burlington area as well as the rest of the Champlain Valley. As I'm new to this area I've lived in Vermont my entire life, I try and support local businesses as much as possible. Some of the businesses I love already in Bristol Vermont HoneyLights, Snaps (for breakfast), Jones the Boy Bake Shop, The Bobcat Cafe. Working from home has made it a little tough to be out and about when people are mingling at lunch or simply walking down the sidewalk.

Your Family Photography Session!

Is it time to update your family photos? Are your little ones growing fast right before your eyes? Has your family grown since you were last photographed? I absolutely love photographing families and would love to photograph yours.

My approach to family sessions is to have them be fun, lighthearted, and playful. Being that I have a very large family and extended family I'm used to using my patience while making sure I stay true to your family's unique personalities. As a former educator, I have a ton of experience with kids of all ages. Working with teens for numerous years and being the best Guncle (Gay Uncle) to many I know how to work with everyone. I love to have my partner make animal noises so that smiles and to have genuine facial expressions. The faces that you usually see when you're children are laughing and playing like no one is watching.


When To Book Your Family Session?

In the summer months, I would say most days after 4 pm work locally, I'm working on a calendar application so that I'll have timeslots preset so that you can choose the best time that works for your family. Saturdays are usually are reserved for wedding photography throughout the summer and fall.


Where Does The Session Take Place?

As a Vermont family photographer, we've got endless options for a location that will suit your family's needs. I'll capture all of the beauty that fills the background why focusing on your family, my job is to make the light create emotion and present my clients with something they can't wait to share with their friends and family.

Fall Family Portrait Vermont Family Portrait Photographer Quechee Vermont Family Portrait Session Quechee Vermont What If Your Kids Don’t Cooperate?

You've got to trust that I have the patience to make sure that we get photos. As we know when the adults are stressed or getting frustrated this only increases the chance that children will also be stressed out. We can take breaks, talk to make sure everyone is calm and ready for a candid photo. Play, it's okay to have fun. I mean no one is going to say that if a little one is running around laughing is not going to be the most adorable thing they've seen. I've photoshopped two of the children in this photograph to the right, can you tell which ones? 

Natural Emotions Captured

When I'm taking photographs of someone I read the energy that is going to help me create a story as I work with them to help me better understand who and what they want to portray with the portraits that we will be creating together. Capturing the candid moments that can really speak to a family as they get to show off to the world how fun, silly, and love-filled their household is with the photographs they hang on their walls that I had the pleasure of being the one they choose to take these portraits.

Why Do I Love Portraits?

Portrait photography to me is not only about taking photos for but it also helps me get a sense of who I'm photographing. You need to get to know someone so that they can relax within the session, if you're not totally comfortable making conversation with a complete stranger, I wouldn't recommend you become a portrait photographer.

I believe my friendly personality and photographic style, going above and beyond with our customer service really makes the family portrait experience one that you'll be happy to share with your friends and other family members.

Where do you travel?

I travel all over Vermont being that I grew up in Southern Vermont I totally comfortable recommending and have secured locations where I can just show up to capture your family's portraits. I know many people
around the state who have amazing properties and are always too happy to let me take photos on their property. Family Portraits VermontFamily Portraits Vermont

That being said if you have an idea for a location, please don't hesitate to let me know. I love on-location photography, I will do my research, and if time permits I'll go and scout the location to make sure I know where the sun will fall at the time of our photo session. I love to be prepared and provide the best vantage points from each location. If you're planning a larger family photo where there are 20+ people, I have climbed up a tree, ladder, or staircase to make sure that everyone you've invited will be represented in the photograph.






Bristol Vermont Headshot Photographer






If you looking to update your headshot and it's been years, it's time. Let me look your best! I love creating beautiful catchlights in the eyes to bring your portrait to life. One thing you can do is find a headshot you love, now zoom in on the eyes you can see where the light is coming from by looking at the subject's eyes. You can also tell what type of modifier was used such as a softbox, reflector, etc. Check it out!




























Vermont Wedding Photographer Questions Answered

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Vermont Wedding Photography Questions!

Bride and Groom After CeremonyVermont Wedding PhotographerWedding at the Quechee Inn at Marshland Farms

Answered by: B. Farnum Photography: Vermont Wedding Photographer

If you weren't shooting weddings what would you want to photograph?

I’d be photographing people in a different way. Whether it was family portraits, senior portraits, headshots, boudoir, conceptual, environmental, or street I love it all. Photographing people is what I've loved since I was back in my high school shooting black and white 35mm film for our yearbook. Cropping the photographs by hand and then scanning the pages on to floppy disk and then burning on to a CD/DVD to send out. Those were not the days, I'm so glad technology has got us to where we are today. I do sometimes miss the darkroom, but not the smell of the fixer and stop bath. (If you know, you know)

The reason is that you can capture their emotions, beauty and feel what a person is experiencing within their portrait. I can get lost within myself trying to bring the best out of those I have the privilege to photograph. I'm looking for constant inspiration that will help tell a story of the life of those who I've taken a portrait of. I find that society has put certain limits on how anyone perceives themselves in today’s world. Whether you’ve been made or feel the pressure of what’s “normal” and fighting with yourself to fit within the perimeters of what someone else’s take on beauty. It's interesting when you see what is deemed to be the perfect wedding on various wedding websites when you scan through their wedding portfolio or gallery of the best weddings, destination weddings or a featured wedding venue. Here's the problem most of them are only catering to a straight white heteronormative wedding. There doesn't leave much room for people of color, LGBTQ+ weddings or interracial couples. I think a lot has changed recently, but we need to come together as an industry of wedding professionals to help spread the word of love is love. Vermont Wedding Photography Vermont Wedding Photography

What do you shoot your photographs with?

I shoot black and white film with Nikon 35mm, Canon 5D Mark III full-frame, Olympus OMD M1 Mark II & Mark III.

What lens do you consider your workhorse? 

70-200mm is hands down the lens I use the most so that I can be photographing from a distance, and making sure I get close up reactions with all the good emotions.

Do you prefer natural light to have to use strobes? 

I prefer whatever is needed when the light isn’t ideal I’ll use a strobe as a fill light to remove shadows under the eyes or to add depth within the composition. I would say using a diffusion panel to stop down the light and have a beautifully soft light at golden hour would be my absolute favorite light. When a photographer claims to be a natural light photographer they generally are more comfortable photographing outdoors when they have great weather and yes the photos look light and airy if that’s the look you’re looking for.

However, being that we live in Vermont. The sun isn’t always on our side since being that on average we only have 58 days of full sun a year according to the Farmers Alamac this is why I like to have off-camera flashes at a moment's notice to use for fill light or to make the backgrounds more interesting. I’ve been using Magnet Mods for my external flashes, set up on light stands to capture the wedding photographs everyone will love. So I wouldn’t say I really prefer either of them, I use what needs to be used to make sure the light is captured in a way that best suits the situation that presents itself on your wedding day. It does take a little bit of planning to make sure any photoshoot that's going to take place on location in Vermont or New England to double-check the weather forecast as it can sometimes change after we've set up a date in advance.

What is something unique you bring with you when you photograph a wedding?

Blue tacky stuff for photographing rings, I've found just a small about of this makes engagement rings stand up or lean just the way I want them to. In my handy bag of wedding goodies for the surprises that simply are not planned for. I have shout wipes, band-aids, hair spray, bobby pins, safety pins, needle and thread, Advil, Tylenol, mints, wet wipes, alcohol wipes, candy, spray antiperspirant, essential oils, bug spray, eye drops, glasses cloth.  Vermont Wedding PhotographerVermont Wedding Photographer

What's the funniest moment you have had when working at a wedding?

Well, I was on the dance floor taking photos I made have been dropping it low a little too quick to capture some action when I heard a ripping sound… well I split my pants right up the seat of my pants. Good thing I always pack a cashmere sweater for fall weddings in Vermont as it can get chilly at night. I was able to tie the sweater around my waist so I wasn't showing off my colorful boxer briefs. Thankfully this was right before I was scheduled to leave. Phew!

Do you have an assistant that works with you on wedding days? If so, do they shoot photographs?

Depending on the wedding photography package you and your partner choose they’ll be a second wedding photographer there. The assistant (second photographer) will be helping with the getting-ready portraits and photographs as well as being a second set of eyes during the wedding ceremony portion of your big day. Capturing all the emotions, tears, and funny moments that happen naturally and spontaneously.

Most often if you choose the photo booth rental as part of any of the packages they’ll be two photographers and when we switch over to the wedding reception portion of the evening they’ll be running the photo booth to make sure your wedding guests have a flawless experience in the photo booth. Whether it’s helping them print and send the photos via text message, or picking out the perfect prop to accessorize with their friends and family. 

What social media platforms do you use? Which one is your favorite? Which one benefits your business the most?

I love Instagram it’s easier for me to share out a couple of sneak-peeks tagging them easily and for friends and family to get information when the gallery will be uploaded for them to see. I've changed my focus to be about the content on my photography website and not on a social media platform.

It seems that Facebook trying to rebrand itself will cause further restrictions for small business owners like myself to effectively market their photography business. All of the social media platforms have an advertising option that will get your posts or content in front of more viewers, the rub is that the organic reach is dismal, to say the least. It's now a pay-to-play kind of option which is focused on catering to the largest businesses.

Absolutely Amazing Wedding PhotographerAbsolutely Amazing Wedding Photographer
Do you manage your own website?

With the ability to update my website from anywhere at any time, I am able provide a high level of service that is more reliable and trustworthy than ever before.

I will always manage my own wedding photography site as it has been held hostage by web designers in the past who would charge me for each image uploaded onto their platform; this became ridiculous when I started needing numerous galleries for portraits or weddings!

Now with Mobile responsive design & seamless Galleries – no matter what device someone visits on-site–you can be sure there's an optimized viewing experience waiting just around every corner so all types audiences get exactly how they want see things without sacrificing quality

If the Internet wasn't an option, how would you market your photography to potential clients? 

I would say word-of-mouth marketing is far more useful than any other form of media used in marketing as a Vermont wedding photographer. As you please your clients year after year and they love the work that you do they’ll naturally refer you to their friends and family as the wedding photographer they should choose for their big day. 

It’s not only about your couples referring you it’s also very important to make a quality and lasting relationship with wedding venues as they’ll be an invaluable tool to booking more weddings at your favorite Vermont wedding venues. As one of Killington’s recommended photographers, this has really helped establish me in the surrounding areas in Vermont. The staff at the Killington Grand Hotel are not only the most professional, they make sure your day goes as planned. They treat everyone with the utmost respect and I love photographing weddings in Killington as they always treat their wedding vendors with love and respect.

Do you deliver every photo you take?

Photographers seem to be taking more and more photographs I tend to focus on getting the shot for my couples I try and remember that Vermont wedding photographers used to have to think about how many rolls of film they would need and that each roll had 36 exposures (wedding photographs).

When should the couple have their engagement photos taken?

Vermont has four seasons for engagement photography, I would pick your favorite season as a couple and incorporate your favorite activities, you both love. This is a fun way to keep your photographs looking fresh and more authentic to your relationship. Same-Sex Wedding Photographer VermontSame-Sex Wedding Photographer Vermont


Do you offer a photo booth?

We do offer an open-air photo booth option for all wedding photography packages, when available.
The photo booth tends to book itself, after you've used it you'll want it for every one of your upcoming events or parties.


Do you carry backup equipment?

I always have back cameras, lenses, and flashes in my camera bags. You never know, and I won't be left without a way to your photograph wedding. I actually have two backup camera bodies and they're charged and ready to go with SD cards ready to capture the wedding in its natural beauty.

What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?

When and if there is an emergency I know and work with many Vermont wedding photographers who would gladly step in and make sure that your wedding day didn't skip a beat and I would still edit the photographs so the look and feel that we create for our wedding couples would still be present in your pictures. I would make sure that all of your expectations were met and that the photographs turn out beautiful. I also have a team who I trust to carry out and make sure all of the details that we pride ourselves on.

How will you and your assistants be dressed?

General in black pants, black shoes, and a collared button shirt. If more formal attire is required we will need advance notice to make sure everything is pressed and dry cleaned.

Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?

If you're looking to provide a shot list of all the shots that you think a wedding photographer should take during the ceremony and reception that isn't needed. What helps the most is making sure that all groupings of people you would like for a formal portrait are listed so that we can make sure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.


Yes, in 2020. I photographed only three weddings all of the ceremonies took place outdoors, once things moved indoors we stayed masked as I want to make sure I myself is safe as well as my wedding photography staff. We can still practice social distancing if this is a concern for you or your family while still photographing the intimate portraits everyone has come to expect from B. Farnum Photography. I always have hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and I have always been a hand-washer even before the CDC decided to make sure everyone know it was the best way to prevent the spread of sickness. Fun & Creative Wedding PhotographsFun & Creative Wedding Photographs

What do you enjoy about photographing weddings specifically?

I've been tasked with a very important task that my couple has entrusted me with being the best wedding photographer I can possibly be for them. It's not only an honor to be chosen to take these elopement, wedding, or even destination wedding photos. They all have the same value in our book it's an art to be able to use a couple's ideas and visions for a beautiful wedding representing their joy, fun, and being creative. It's all the things I love on one special day.

Do you offer meetings, and can we call you if we have questions?

I will meet my couples or clients before via Zoom or in-person to make sure that all of their questions surrounding my photographic services. The time before that goes into the photo shoot really does help provide our customers with the best possible outcome for their photographs.


How will you help us to relax and look our best on the wedding day?

Only the best wedding photographers not only have the photographic skills you're looking for we have the people skills to boot. Being that for many years I worked in a busy restaurant in a ski town it comes second nature to me to be able to think quickly while sitting others at ease. If I become stressed so will everyone else. Taking a breath and calming everyone down is just part of the life of a wedding photographer. As there are many wedding photographers in Vermont you choose me to help guide you and make sure that the photographs move as quickly as possible. Vermont Wedding PhotographersVermont Wedding Photographers


Do you provide a ‘sneak peek’ of a few images for social media?

As long as you provide us with your social media handles for your Instagram and Facebook we will gladly share the sneak peeks out on social media. These are only a few wedding photographs, please do not expect the entire wedding photography gallery to be us two-three days after your wedding. We will choose the photos that we think best fit our wedding photography and capture the way we photographed your Vermont Wedding. Choosing our favorites is always the hardest part of posting any sneak peek images.

What's your favorite photography quote?

“To photograph is to hold one's breath when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” 

― Henri Cartier-Bresson

Do you have any reviews we can read?

The Knot, WeddingWire

I’ve been in the wedding photography business since 2005 around Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Massacheuttes, and Maine. I want every couple to have the best wedding photographers they’ve ever seen while working from getting ready photos, wedding ceremonies to the wedding reception. My couples are an absolute dream to work with, they always speak highly of our wedding photographers. Here are some of the praises our couples have been saying about us as a Vermont wedding photographer.

Vermont Wedding Photographer Vermont Wedding Photographer
Why Wedding Photography?

The love story between a couple is something that can be captured in photographs. I am so fortunate to have been chosen as photographer their wedding and capture these moments for them forevermore, as they'll show off these pictures later on down the road when discussing how much time has passed since then or what life was like at this point during our relationship development process together 
I feel honored being given such an important job--to witness first-hand commitment after decades of wanting it but not yet having achieved total compatibility with one another -until now!









Do you happen to know any Vermont wedding videographers, do you like working with them?

Search no more for Wedding Videographer Vermont. I love working with and speak highly of Amanda from Eightzero2 Production she approaches your day in a friendly laid back fashion. They work super well with all the wedding vendors as they want to make the couple feel as comfortable and stress free on their wedding day while capturing all the magical moments.

Their style is photojournalistic, they like to take the couple through their day well after the glitz and glamour are over. We believe video can transcend generations and be a keepsake to pass down. As Vermont Wedding Videographers go I have to say working with Amanda is a fantastic experience, since we've worked together in the past it really makes the day flow easily.

We even help each other out when needed, having a shared vision in providing all the details that our couples are interested in as having wedding vendors who love what they do and do not see it as a job but their passion really shows up in the products we both produce. 

Here's an example of our latest Vermont Wedding we both worked on:


Vermont Wedding Photographer B. Farnum Photography Vermont Wedding Photographer B. Farnum Photography Vermont Sunset Wedding Portrait

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