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As an on-location portrait photographer in Vermont, we bring studio-quality light outside so that you'll have beautiful senior portraits where ever you choose as your location for a natural and professional photo session. If you're looking for a studio photo experience and would much rather be cooled off by A/C in the summertime, you are not too keen on bugs and nature.

This is totally acceptable, too; I will arrange a space for our session. I don't see the point in renting studio space at this point. I'm trying to establish myself in a new area and want to make sure I will garner enough new clients in the area before branching out into a designated studio space.

Why choose B. Farnum Photography for your senior portrait photography?

What makes our photography different? It seems like this needs to be said as numerous people feel as if they're a stranger in their own skin. You'll be welcomed into our world where EVERYONE is accepted, loved, and cared for.

We say we want you to love yourself first and photos second. It's about being your authentic self. I'm not going to stand in the way of your personal progress and journey through this life.

This is why I want to clarify that something that resonates with me is"The only way out is through." a quote from a Robert Frost poem. This quote means more about what it takes to overcome and work on oneself. It's time to brush yourself off, get up and go through the things that you're avoiding.

It's time to be yourself, and we are here to support you. The growth you'll experience once you start the next portion of your life will thank you for putting this work in. Real personal growth comes from the moments that make you uncomfortable, yet, you still show up and kick ass.

High school seniors, you've got to consider all of the factors, who's the best photographer for your style and personality. Are you looking to have fun on your photoshoot? Do you want photos that don't look like everyone else's in your senior class?

I've been working with high school seniors for over 15 years in and out of the classroom. I was a high school senior class advisor for several years. I know how important it is to have a great senior portrait photography experience.

Locations for Senior Portraits in Vermont

If you're thinking about a location for your portraits, we travel all over the state of Vermont. We are based in Bristol, Vermont. We travel to Manchester, Woodstock, Rutland, South Burlington, Burlington, Hinesburg, Charlotte, and Middlebury.

Sessions can be at multiple locations if you're an athlete and would like photos on the field at your high school. If you want to capture the last moments before you graduate from the school you've spent the last four years attending.

Depending on what kind of location you're looking for, we can travel to get you more of a gritty city feel or street lights and alleyways. It's always fun to make yourself a Pinterest board of what senior photos you love and then share that with me to plan out where we think are the best spots that represent you and your vision for your senior portraits.

Behind the scenes of a senior portrait session

Your friends and family are welcome to attend your senior portrait session. I highly recommend bringing a trusted friend who can keep it real with you. They know how you would want to look in your photos, and this will help you be more comfortable in front of the camera. It gets easier as the session continues. The time will fly by, so you won't think twice about it.

When should I schedule my senior portrait session?

Scheduling your high school senior portraits is one of the decisions you'll have to make. Our busiest months for senior portraits are late August, September, and October. So start thinking about when you would like to have your photographs taken, in the summer or fall?

This is usually the busiest time for all photographers throughout Vermont. Most of my seniors want to have their pictures taken during peak foliage, usually within a couple of weekends. If you want one of these spots, I would recommend you book your senior portrait session early so that I can be sure to get you booked. The colors are unique, and it's the perfect background for portraits. The colors blend beautifully into a kind of impressionist painting.


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